Installation instructions for PowerShell Universal.

We recommend installing the PowerShell Universal Visual Studio Code extension. The extension will automatically download Universal for development purposes.

Getting Started


Chocolatey Package

You can install PowerShell Universal using the Chocolatey package. The package runs the MSI install. It will install Universal as a service and open a web browser after the install.

You can login with the "admin" user and any password.

choco install powershelluniversal


You can install PowerShell Universal using Winget. It will run the MSI and install as a service.

winget install ironmansoftware.powershelluniversal

You can also specify the --silent flag to prevent the installer from showing and the web browser from opening at the end of the install.

winget install ironmansoftware.powershelluniversal --silent

ZIP Install

You can also download the ZIP from our Downloads page if you would like to xcopy deploy the files on Windows or Linux.


You can start Universal by unzipping the contents, unblocking the files and then executing Universal.Server.exe.

Expand-Archive -Path .\ -DestinationPath .\Universal
Get-ChildItem .\Universal -Recurse | Unblock-File
Start-Process .\Universal\Universal.Server.exe


On Linux, start the process Universal.Server. You may need to chmod +x the file if it does not start.


See the Docker page.

MSI Install

This section covers a pre-release version of Universal. You can download nightly builds from our Downloads page.

The MSI install will create a PowerShell Universal service and open the admin console after installation.



Setting the SUPPRESBROWSER MSI property to true will prevent the browser from opening after installation.

Next Steps

At this point, Universal is up and running. Please consult other sections in this documentation for instructions on how to configure, secure, and start using PowerShell Universal. Happy Scripting!