Variables allow for the global definition of variables that are available within scripts. You can also import secrets that are also available within scripts or as run as credentials.

Variables are stored in the variables.ps1 configuration file.

Creating a Variable

To create a variable, navigate to the Automation / Variables page. Click Add Variable to define a new variable.

Standard variables are just name \ value pairs of strings. They will be added to your scripts before they are run.


Creating a Secret Variable

Secret variables are stored within the selected vault. The value of those variables are never stored within Universal. To define a new secret variable, click Add Variable on the variables page and select the Secret tab.

From this dialog, you'll be able to define string and PSCredentials in the specified vault.

Importing Secret Variables

You can also import pre-existing secrets as variables into Universal. The variable values are not imported but will be looked up during execution. Click the Import Secret button to import secrets.